South 24 Parganas  District Council for School Games & Sports established to uplife the following sports activities and performances through out this district .

  1. To encourage promote and popularize all recognized  Olympic ,Asian ,Common wealth games and regional level  popular other games and sports amongst the school boys and girls of south 24 pgs.

2      To work for physical welfare of school boys and girls of the district.

3       To hold zonal, sub divisional , district  level sports meets and trials matches for   School boys and girls and award certificate and prizes for the said events.

4     To score adequate participation of school boys and girls in district , state & national level conducted  by   the concerned authorities.

5   To organize and hold coaching and training and refresher courses for the promotion of the games and sports.

6    To attempt quality improvement in school  boys and girls in the field of sports and games by organizing special coaching camps for those selected players to participant in district and state events.

7  To provide a platform  to  budding   players  to show their talent and help team to improve there performance through technical guidance to secure financial  assistant and to maintain continuity in their pursuit of sports / games development with the state govt.

8  To lay down rules and conditions for the registration of school players at the district level.

9  To lay down rules and regulation for the affiliation of the members wit  D C S G S  and for their proper functioning .

10  To seek affiliation with   recognition by the competent state bodies.

11  To arrange representation of the D C SGS  in district and state bodies and their meeting

12  To develop character and personality of school  boys and girls through sports

District Council for School Games & Sports is an organization in which school players get an exposure to show their talent at the district as well as state level tournaments. D C S G S  encourage promote and popularize all the recognized Olympic ,Asian ,  Commonwealth and regional level popular games among school boys and girls of this district . D C S G S is the apex council for development and encouragement of school sports in our district . It organizes different district school games tournaments in the age category under 14 years, 17 years .19 years  ( Boys & Girls ) round the year in our district , in which thousands of school players take part.

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